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Whatever you need from a website, we can help you with our tailored solutions.

Improving your existing site

If your business has been around for any length of time, you probably already have a website. But how effective is it in achieving your company’s goals?

Web technologies and user behaviours change so quickly that it can be hard to keep up. A website that hasn’t been changed in more than two or three years often looks old-fashioned. And worse, a website with content that’s obviously out of date can make the business it represents look unprofessional and sloppy.

It isn’t always necessary to throw an old website away and start again (although sometimes this can be the best approach!) We offer a completely free review service whereby we look at your existing site and assess it against our criteria for a good website, including user-friendliness, search engine optimisation, accessibility and reliability. If you have any web stats or analytics, we’ll look at those, too, to form a picture of how your site is doing.

We then make recommendations for your site based on these findings. These include:

  • content update – if the site is fundamentally sound, but needs to have obviously out-of-date content replaced with new, we can help. This often happens if the web agency that originally built your website has disappeared!
  • search engine optimisation – if the site is performing poorly in search engines like Google, we’ll form and implement a strategy to increase the search engine-friendliness of the site. This can include keyword choice, rewriting and formatting of content, the use of effective title, heading and meta tags, linking strategies and more
  • usability review – if a piece of functionality (such as completion of an order form or online sales process) is performing weakly, we’ll review the user journey from start to finish to identify the problem, then come up with a solution to make it easier and reduce the rate at which users ‘drop out’ of the process
  • website redesign – when a site is genuinely old-fashioned, either in design or technology (or both), we may recommend a complete redesign. Find out more about how we approach building a website from the ground up >

If you’d like us to undertake a free review of your website, with no obligation, call us on 07921 184734 or email info@e-motivemedia.com.