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Promoting your site

Just having a great website isn’t enough – to make it successful, you need to promote it strongly, to get visitors on the site, and keep them there long enough to turn them into customers!

Generating traffic to your website can be done in many different ways, depending on the type of business you are, and what your website has been set out to achieve. We can help design a promotional strategy to maximise traffic to your site – these are some of the methods we can use:

  • email marketing – communicating with customers and potential customers via a regular e-newsletter, or informing them of special offers by email, can be a very effective and inexpensive way of promoting you products and services online. Data protection and anti-spam legislation dictates careful use of email as a marketing tool, but building an opted-in list of email contacts is a must for any business
  • search engine optimisation – perhaps the most important factor to consider with any website is its search engine-friendliness. A well-structured site with keyword-rich content is key to increasing your website’s position in search engine results pages
  • pay-per-click marketing – paid-for ‘sponsored links’ on search engines like Google can be a highly effective way of driving targeted traffic to your website. Google AdWords require specialist management for optimum success rates and cost-effectiveness, but a successful campaign can generate leads and sales very quickly
  • social networking – a presence on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can create buzz about your business, strengthen your Google Page Rank with inbound links, and give you a platform from which to promote your website to interested parties
  • blogging – an authoritative, regularly-updated blog can act as ‘link bait’ – encouraging other sites to link to your articles, and enticing visitors to return frequently.

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